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Common Causes of Black Mold in Your Attic |

Common Causes of Black Mold in Your Attic

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Every year thousands of Americans are forced to deal with black mold in their attic. Black mold grows slowly over time, which makes it hard to quickly identify why it is spreading in the attic of your home or business. Black mold can be dangerous if you or your loved ones breath it in frequently, which makes preventing it a very important part of being a home or business owner. The most important step to preventing black mold growth inside your attic is understanding why it grows where it does in the first place.


The most common cause of black mold growth in attics is a leaking roof. When water seeps through the roof inside the attic, the water promotes mold growth. Many people never think to check their attic for roof leakage, especially if their roof has recently been repaired. However, it is important that you as a home or business owner perform frequent checks inside your attic to make sure there is no water. The sooner you discover a leaking roof the less time mold has to grow and spread throughout your attic.

Another reason that you may experience black mold growth inside your attic is lack of proper ventilation. Many home and business owners think it is best to keep their attic warm during the cold months by sealing attic vents. However, by sealing off ventilation, you create the perfect combination of warmth and moisture for black mold to grow. Instead of sealing off ventilation, make sure your attic is kept cold during the winter months. By doing this, you create an environment within your attic that is highly unlikely to promote mold growth. To test whether your attic is properly ventilated during the winter months, look at your roof next time there is snowfall. If the snow does not melt uniformly across the entire roof, this means that the attic is likely improperly ventilated.

One cause of black mold growth in your attic that you may overlook is missing or improperly installed insulation. When insulation in your attic is missing or improperly installed, moisture from lower floors inside your home or business rises and gets trapped inside your attic. High levels of moisture within your attic creates the perfect environment to attract high levels of black mold growth. One tip to prevent moisture build up in your attic is to avoid installing kraft face insulation. Kraft face insulation includes any kind of insulation with paper or foil backing. Paper and foil backing acts as a vapor barrier in your attic, trapping rising moisture within the insulation itself.

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