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How Do Ozone Machines Assist in Restoring a Fire Damaged Property? |

How Do Ozone Machines Assist in Restoring a Fire Damaged Property?

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Learn More About Ozone Machines for Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration

While ozone machines have been used to purify the air, water, and other things, not many people know how these machines work. Ozone, in simpler terms, is oxygen but different from the normal two-molecule oxygen we know. It contains a third molecule that can separate itself from the other two, allowing it to attach to other chemicals and items. This means that ozone is capable of altering these chemicals and items, explaining how ozone machines suit its purpose. Typically, a layer of ozone is found in the earth’s atmosphere, and it helps filter hazardous substances such as U-V rays. 


Professional Restoration Companies use Specialized Equipment to Clean Fire Damage Properties

Although ozone helps to purify substances, it can be dangerous to the respiratory system if located at the ground level. The gas is industry-made and is difficult to transport as it decays quickly. For this reason, it is normally created on-site, but its containment options are limited. 

What Does Ozone Treatment Entail?

Conventional air purifiers and other techniques are generally unable to eliminate some odors completely. Fire damage, mold, and even rotten odors may be reasons to have a professional ozone treatment performed. To generate the ozone atoms, the professional company uses an ozone generator which then attaches these atoms to the item being purified.

The equipment breaks down the particles and bacteria that cause the odors and converts them into elements that do not have a horrible smell. Ozone treatments are extremely reliable in situations such as a house fire with extensive smoke damage and tough odors. 

How Do Ozone Machines Work?

While ozone machines are extremely useful, using them in your home can be harmful. This is why you should never use an ozone machine to restore your home after a fire without professional assistance. Ozone machines operate using two main methods;

  • Silent Corona Discharge – The ozone machines employ electric discharge to generate ozone. It separates the normal oxygen molecules into individual atoms, and in turn, the separated atoms stick to other oxygen atoms, forming ozone. This is the easiest generation technique used by most ozone machines.
  • Ultraviolet radiation – the process entails producing ozone in the same manner that U-V rays from the sun split the oxygen to form individual oxygen atoms, which in turn attach to other oxygen atoms in the air. However, this process is not considered as effective as the silent corona discharge; therefore, it is not preferred in many circumstances. 

Concerns about Using Ozone Machines

Keeping the air in your house clean is essential, but it should not be at the expense of your health. There are several concerns about using ozone machines, including the emission of toxic byproducts. Once ozone is utilized when deodorizing a fire or smoke-damaged house, chemical reactions occur that produce a variety of predictable and unpredictable harmful byproducts. These byproducts may include Sulphur Dioxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Methyl Bromide, Brominated Acetonitrile, and many others. Ensure the premises are unoccupied whenever you opt for ozone treatment to avoid health repercussions.

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