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Proper Safety Steps for a Sewer Backup in Your Basement |

Proper Safety Steps for a Sewer Backup in Your Basement

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If you have recently experienced a sewer backup in the basement of your home or business, you will need to make sure you take the proper steps to ensure your safety. The first thing you may notice about a sewer backup is the odorous smell that the water emits. If the site of the sewer backup gives off an unpleasant smell, make sure you wear a mouth/nose protector before going anywhere near the backup. Sewer water is a mix of organic and inorganic materials such as mineral salts, garbage, and human waste. These materials decompose and give off strong gases that can be harmful to the human body if breathed in. It is also a good idea to clear out of the home or business of the sewer backup until it is completely cleaned.

Once a sewer backup is detected inside your home or business, avoid using any toilets, sinks, or bathtubs. If water is turned on, this may cause water to rush up from the drain and further increase the cleanup necessary to eliminate the backup.

One of the most important safety tips to take into account is electricity. If there are any large pools of sewer water that have accumulated in your basement, stay away from it while the electricity is on. Water and electricity can be deadly if you are not careful.

Once you have evaluated the site and made sure you have complied with all the necessary safety precautions, the next step is to consider how to remove the sewer water and repair the backup. First, you may want to take a few minutes to check if the backup is an easy fix. Check your toilets and sinks for any clogged drains. If you can see a clogged drain from the surface, this is an easy fix that you can do on your own in only a few minutes. However, if the backup is not immediately visible, you may need to call a plumber or sewer backup restoration company. If you are not experienced in dealing with sewer backup restoration, do not try to do it on your own. Hire a professional and make sure that both the backup and cleanup are dealt with properly. It is crucial that the backup is completely eliminated to prevent future issues from occurring. It is also imperative that the backup site is cleaned correctly. If you do not properly clean the room where the sewer backup occurred, it can pose health risks to you or anyone else who enters the building in which the backup occurred.

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