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What Companies Specialize in Removing Mold That Grows Behind Drywall |

What Companies Specialize in Removing Mold That Grows Behind Drywall

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What Companies Specialize in Removing Mold That Grows Behind Drywall

Drywall is similar to a critical component in a home as it can help with functioning (for instance, soundproofing), and is one of the most important advantages is protection. Most drywall aids in fire protection and mildew resistance. However, this does not disregard the possibility of water damage, and water damage frequently leads to mold growth.

Determining whether your drywall has mold or not can be pretty hard, but if there has been water damage or leakage in your pipes, chances are there is mold. If you also notice a musty or stale odor from the drywall, it could be mold. As you already know, mold can cause respiratory issues to pets and humans. It is always a good idea to consult professionals regarding mold control because some are very toxic and have serious effects. At Service Restore, we have the best personnel and equipment to deal with a drywall mold infestation.


How the Company Will Treat the Mold

A professional company will follow a certain procedure in treating the mold in your drywall. First, you have to understand what causes mold to grow on drywall that is exposed to moisture. This is why any attempts to clean the mold with liquids such as detergents, bleach, and vinegar will result in further mold growth on the drywall. Most drywalls are built with a porous material, hence are breeding grounds for mold. In any case, we do not advise homeowners to tackle drywall mold themselves because some are toxic and should not be handled without protective gear.

To understand how we remove mold from drywall, this procedure will give an insight into what Restoration Companies does in removing the mold. 

  • Determining whether there is mold – This is the first step in our mold removal process, and we do this by testing the air quality in your home to ascertain the presence of mold. Testing the air quality is one of the best ways of detecting mold because sometimes they cannot be seen with bare eyes.
  • Once we have detected the mold, the next step is usually to assess the cause of the mold growth – It would be useless to try to clear the mold and not deal with the actual cause. Eventually, the mold will grow back, and you will have to call a professional again. If we find a damaged water pipe that runs through the wall, we will fix it then proceed with the cleaning.
  • Regardless of the type of mold, our staff will utilize two basic approaches to remove the mold properly – The first step is to employ media blasting equipment that uses Soda and dry ice to remove the mold. We can also pulverize the mold or use a mold removal catalyst. The latter is only suitable in cases where drywall mold is not widespread. 
  • Replacing the drywall if it is damaged beyond repair – We have the necessary equipment to conduct all these activities, so you don’t have to worry about contacting a separate company to fix your wall.

What Not to Do

Since mold spores are lightweight, they can quickly transfer to other sections of your home if not handled appropriately. This means you cannot use methods that involve blowing or scrubbing the mold off because it will lead to further spread. Additionally, using bleach to clean will only change the color of the mold instead of eliminating them. The only safe and effective way of dealing with a mold infestation is contacting a professional such as Service Restore for help. Our team will ensure the impending issue is dealt with after determining its root cause.

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